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Our Lesson Program

Playful Ponies (Ages 4-6)

Our Playful Ponies class is designed for children ages 4 to 6 years old. Students will learn how to safely groom a horse, lead a horse and participate in lead line lessons. This class is perfect to introduce horses to your little ones. Each lesson is 30 minutes long.

Basic Horsemanship

  • How to catch and halter a horse
  • Safe horse handling
  • How to groom a horse
  • How to saddle and bridle a horse
  • Lunge line lesson
Basic Horsemanship classes are designed to introduce horses to the enthusiast forming an essential foundation building trust between horse and rider. Lessons are recommended for everyone just getting into horseback riding or with limited experience. New students are required to take at least one Basic Horsemanship lesson and will advance depending on their skill levels.

Principles of Riding

  • How to safely mount and dismount a horse
  • How to ask the horse to go and stop
  • How to use the reins
  • Correct posting at a trot
  • Arena figures
  • Poles and cross-rails
These lessons are offered for intermediate students who have advanced from our Basic Horsemanship classes. Students will learn to independently control their horses at a walk, trot, and canter. Once students are able to control their horses, poles and cross-rails will be introduced.

Dressage Lessons

  • Balancing and Strengthening the riders seat
  • Fine tuning riders aids
  • Achieve rhythm, straightness, and collection with your horse
  • Dressage movements
  • Tack used in the dressage ring
Students who have developed an independent seat and hands will be given the opportunity to advance to Dressage lessons. While this class focuses on dressage, it is also great for jumping riders who would like to fine tune their aids. You will learn about the benefits of dressage for horse and rider and the different levels of competition.

Hunter/Jumper Lessons

  • Balancing and strengthening your two-point position
  • Fine tune riders aids
  • Riding over poles and jumps
  • Gymnastics for horses
  • Tack used in the hunter/jumper ring
Students who are able to canter figures while staying comfortable in the saddle have the opportunity to advance to hunter/jumper lessons. You will learn how to build a course and how to ride over fences.

Lesson Program Pricing (Prices per Student)
1/2hr playful ponies (1 Student) $20
45min private lesson (1 Student) $45
1hr semi-private lesson (2 Students) $40
1hr group lesson (3+ Students) $35

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